Saturday, July 7, 2007

Two months without Hell . . . . . .

Hello Cenobytes,

Its been two whole months since I last posted on this site. A lot of you may have been thinking, he started this and then couldn't be bothered. Well if that was your opinion, you would have been wrong. As you all my have noticed, ALL of my sites have been through a series of changes and tweaks, the site clocks being perhaps the most obvious. In addition to this banner links have started to appear. Although I have studied web page design and can use Deamweaver, well to about an intermediate level. Blogger sites have perplexed me, although a lot more simple in design they have a lot of quirks and issues.

Some things that are easy to do as a normal web page, are extremely involved or more complicated when trying to apply them to a Blogger site. Don't get me wrong, I love blogging and I love Blogger sites, I would just like a few things fixed with them. Any way I'm rambling. Today I have decided to write about a Hellraiser fan film, yes a fan film. Why you are saying? Because this one is of quite a high standard and looks like it actually has a budget because it did! Its called Hellraiser: Prophecy, you may have heard of it. One thing this fan film has achieved which the majority of others don't, is its own IMDB page.

The movie is not very long in duration (22 minutes), but makes up for this with some quite high production standards and effects. The movie is available to download from its official site, via the bit-torrent network and is also posted on youtube in 2 parts. Below is the teaser trailer for the movie, I hope you like it. The movie itself is an actual crossover between the "Hellraiser" movie series and the "Prophecy" trilogy of films. Now that I have written trilogy, more than likely a fourth film will appear. It just seems to happen like that. Any way here is the teaser, enjoy. Oh yeah, if you are a minor you may wish to get your folks approval to watch it. Its quite graphic, with its blood and gore.

Hellraiser: Prophecy - Teaser Trailer

If you like this movie, it can be ordered on DVD at the extremely cheap price of $10 (US). Or if you are a little more eager to see it, you can download the DVD image, complete with cover artwork and special features from its official site Hellraiser 'Til next time Cenobytes, peace and may this not be the last post on this site (it won't be).