Wednesday, May 2, 2007

First Post Ramble

Greetings Cenobytes! Whats your pleasure? That is the question asked in the original Clive Barker movie, Hellraiser. Well as you guessed it, this blog is about the Hellraiser series of movies, which so far has spawned 7 sequels. This is quite impressive, for a B horror movie. This blog will not only focus on the original 8 movies, but also the planned 2008 remake of the original.

The remake will be produced by Clive himself, but directed by Jim Sonzero who was responsible for Pulse (2006) and also War Of The Angels (1999). According to IMDB, there are currently talks in place to have Doug Bradley (Pinhead) reprise his role in the remake. It is also rumoured that Ashley Laurence will make an appearance, though at this stage, it is unknown whether or not she will play Kirsty Cotton as she has done in the series so far.

The Hellraiser Series, if you are only new to it tells the story of a puzzle box. No its not a Rubiks Cube, though that may have been where the inspiration came from. The Cube itself acts like a key to an alternate reality, which bears a familiar likeness to Hell. The world or parallel universe is known as Leviathan, and its inhabitants are referred to as Cenobytes.

Once the puzzlebox is solved, the world of Leviathan opens up. Leviathan is like a sadist or masochist's' heaven where pain and suffering are the norm, or your pleasure as the Cenobytes refer to it as. There are many different Cenobytes, they include Chatterer, Butterball, Barbie, CD Head, Stitch, the Twins and of course their leader Pinhead. New Cenobytes seem to get added with every movie, so this is not a complete list. Anyway this is just my introduction, the blog will include movie synopses, character profiles, merchandise news and of course news on the announced Remake.

'Til next time Cenobytes. Whats your pleasure?


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